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    About Us

    We are an online Kpop store located in California, USA. My Kpop Kingdom was created and is being ran by a fan who has been into Kpop for more than 12 years! Our journey started many years ago with 2nd gen groups when Kpop was starting to rise here in the US. Since then, we have watched the Kpop community grow and we have seen so many amazing groups make incredible music. 
    Our goal is to create a community where everyone can feel safe to express their love for Kpop and their groups. We don't just want to be like all other Kpop stores. We want to give back to our loyal customers through our rewards program. We want to do giveaways and raffles to make this space fun again for everyone.We want to bring you high quality goods that are directly from our suppliers in Korea. All of our albums are reflected in the GAON charts so you can be assured that you are helping out your favorite Kpop groups!
    Join our fast growing community as we take over the Kpop space. JOIN OUR KINGDOM
    Thank you for your love and support as we continue to grow together 
    My Kpop Kingdom