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✨ FREE US Standard Shipping for orders above $100 ✨


    Do you only ship to the US? NO!

    We offer worldwide shipping to almost every country. Our shipping is calculated by the weight of each album. We are working to bring down the shipping costs in the future for our international customers as well so stay tuned for that! PLEASE READ OUR SHIPPING POLICY

    Are your album sales reflected on any charts?

    YES! Any album bought on our site will be reflected on the GAON charts. We work with authentic suppliers that help us bring the best quality items to our customers


    Do you have a rewards program?

    Yes, we have a rewards program anyone can join where you can earn $$ off or even free albums


    Will you be doing giveaways?

    YES! Please keep a close eye on our tiktok page for all kinds of monthly giveaways


    When will my pre order items ship?

    Any orders made with preorder items will be held until the albums are released. If you make an order with items both not in preorder and in preorder status, your entire order will be held until the preorder items are released. If you do not wish to wait please place different orders.